Time Codes Series Still in Progress

For the From Dusk ’til Drawn: 24-Hour Drawing Rally I chose time as my subject matter. Time as a human construct and conceptual thoughts about time were taken into account.  I riffed off of the song title by Peter Murphy Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It as a starting point in my thought process.  Since my drawing had to be completed during the rally, time had everything to do with the piece.

I articulated the words in morse code, which used to be the most expedient means of communication in our once sparsely populated country.  This system of communication now has become almost completely defunct in the era of email, social networking, and cell phones.  Morse code  has collapsed in on itself going from a time saver to a time waster and time and technology has got something to do with both morse code’s rise and demise.

The first drawing entitled 11:11:01 – Time Has Got Nothing to Do With It took these thoughts in the direction of black holes. Once the light goes in it disappears as if it never existed.  Time also ceases to exist.  What used to have a beginning, middle, and end, becomes a part of a void. Different layers of darkening graphite move into the black void centers which are shapes representing my  coded message.  The message and the means of communication are both getting sucked in.  The format of this piece is horizontal in reference to a ticker tape.

The second piece entitled Time Has Got Nothing To Do is done in a much thinner ticker and measuring tape shape.  While making this piece I thought time doesn’t have anything to do, we do.  As an idea it exists, but it has no tasks, no job, and none of those things we mark/measure it by.

The third piece  in the series ∞: STOP was inspired by FDTD morse code conversations about how messages/telegrams would often end with stop.  I did not want every piece to end with a voiced stop, so I created a separate piece that was STOP written in red morse code.  I titled it ∞: STOP, because the work made me think about infinity as a “quantity without bound or end” and yet we also have this idea that something can stop, that there is a definable, measurable, and exact ceasing.    Ref. here also Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Infinity: STOP by Kimberly Hahn

In progress is a fourth drawing, entitled Event Horizon.  Event horizon is spelled out in morse code and it’s articulated visually within a black hole reference drawing.  Aside from our scientific definition of event horizon, I am thinking about what an event horizon means semantically if we applied it to the earth.
This series slip slides around from one association to another leaving as many questions as answers to the nature of time and our interpretations and applications of it.  It plays with visual patterning to document a mind walk of subject matter.

Some reference links to consider in relation to the work.

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“The principle means that it is impossible to determine simultaneously both the position and velocity of an electron or any other particle with any great degree of accuracy or certainty.”

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