Unidentified Fotographed Objects Series (UFOs)

These images explore photographing objects in great detail and the abstract.  Objects’ components can serve a purpose, in addition to the overall use of the object.  Their subtle subtexts are often overlooked and yet felt unknowingly by the user.  Using color; translucency; material; shape; or texture, the object makers convey a desired experience by their choices.  The detailed approach renders the objects unidentifiable.  The “Ph” in Photographed was changed to an “F”, so that the title of the series plays with the idea of UFOs.  The objects could be things we may not recognize, but may be aspects of our everyday humdrum world.  In addition, the title seeks to convey that these objects could also be unknown or foreign to us.  Through this means of depiction, we experience them first as their essence.  Should we ever find these objects in real life we could build a picture of them from the inside out.

Unidentified Fotographed Objects Series 1


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