Call for Entry Resources for fine artists/curators

Online Call For Entry Submissions and Curating.  Streamlines and regulates the process for Curators instead of weeding through CD’s/slides/emails.  For artists, provides a great way to have a digital submission database of images and submit online.

Slick and sophisticated, Slideroom can be stylized to simulate your website with organization’s logo, colors, etc.  This seems like a great site for organizations with bigger budgets and lots of juried shows. Artists can upload statements and resumes along with their digital images.  For the curator,  online controls include  a meter to rate the quality of the work, view large or in thumbnail form.  There is an administrator section which allows the institution to manage how the curator can look at the work, and what needs to be submitted.  I haven’t used this yet, but it looks like a great program.

Call For Entry
This is a simpler site and more useful for artists who are interested in submitting to open juried shows.  A list of the juried shows is posted on the site and you can directly submit images from your portfolio and pay any associated fees.  It’s free for artists to use the site, and there is a payment the organizations/curators have to make. I used it for a juried exhibition recently and found it easy to submit using their standard guidelines.  Once you pick which images you want for the exhibition consideration, they are committed until the selection is made by the juror.  What’s really great about this for artists is you can keep works on the site and when they are free to submit again, you can submit to another juried show you see on their site that you like.  You don’t have to re-upload the same files.  Allows you to input dimensions, title, medium, price, etc.  Didn’t see anything for resume or statement, but maybe that’s something to do with the competition I entered?

Both sites are an excellent addition to the art competition circuit and both seem very user friendly.

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