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Null Reference
Null Reference
Optic Veil (Artifact(s))
Optic Veil (Artifact(s))
Kimberly Hahn, Reversal, 2013, Installation comprised of curtain rods, hinges, photographic emulsion, screws, seamless backdrop paper, silkscreen, wood; Dimensions variable
Kimberly Hahn, Chromatic Variation 1 (Detail), 2013, Site-specific installation at CAF Satellite @ Hotel Indigo Santa Barbara comprised of fabric dye, dowel rods, muslin, monofiliament, paint, plywood, and salt, Dimensions Variable (Installation approximately 98-1/2 x 108 x 72 in.), Commissioned by Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Courtesy the Artist.
Chromatic Variation 1
Kimberly Hahn, A Complete Fiction comprised of White Balance Backdrop (Tungsten) and White Balance Color Checker Card (Fluorescent), (In Direct Sunlight), (Flash), (LED), (Shade), (Blue Sky), (Tungsten), (Cloudy), and (Candle)
A Complete Fiction
Kimberly Hahn and James Van Arsdale, eyeComputerWorld
eyeComputerWorld collaboration with
James Van Arsdale
Kimberly Hahn, Bloodlines
60 ft. Golden Rule by Kimberly Hahn
60-Foot Golden Rule
White Balance Color Checker Card (Candle) by Kimberly Hahn
Index Card Still Life Series
Net/Barrier by Kimberly Hahn Net/Barrier White Balance Color Checker Card (Flash) by Kimberly Hahn
Remnants Series
Underneath the Sheets Series by Kimberly Hahn
Underneath the Sheets Series
Blue Looking Glass
Blue Looking Glass Series
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